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Blue Mountain Humane Society

We at Blue Mountain Humane Society have seen firsthand the impact of Dawn and Steve's training. There is no doubt the efforts to keep pets in their homes, as their teaching techniques create new possibilities in the minds of the owners and pets alike.
"We recommend them without reservation"
Sara Archer, Former Executive Director
Blue Mountain Humane Society
Walla Walla WA

Erica Daudt, Walla Walla WA

I wanted to follow up with you about our last work with you. We were having a hard time with our last two pit bulls living together, they had had a few nasty fights, and it wasn't a very promising situation. However, you gave us hope, that because they were both good dogs, we could make it work. Long story short, it did work. They became very bonded in their senior years; so much so that they died within two weeks of each other. Devastating for our family, but also a testament to their need for each other, and their needing our help to be able to socialize. So, I sincerely appreciate you helping us facilitate that amazing experience.

Monte and Ona Underwood, Walla Walla, WA

We have an Anatolian Shepherd that had pulling on leash issues. Dawn fitted her with a Gentle Leader and the results are fantastic. We are confident that we can control our over 100-pound dog on a leash. Thank you.


A white dog laying in the grass with its mouth open.


Colin Justin

(….) Dawn was instrumental in the rehabilitation of my 5-year-old German Shepherd Dog. Gypsy. Unbeknownst to us or the shelter staff, Gypsy had severe issues with dog aggression that posed a threat to other pets and made her very difficult to manage. Dawn provided numerous resources to learn more about canine behavior and training, as we're exploring what our options were with Gypsy. She took an extensive history explaining why certain items were important and educated us on the advantages and disadvantages of various avenues of rehabilitation. We decided to work with her in private lessons that involved Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) and Counter Conditioning (...) Today, Gypsy has her Canine Good Citizen Certificate and is competing successfully in Rally Obedience. Things could have been very tragic for her. (….) Dawn is a significant asset to our community where positive reinforcement training is hard to come by.
Colin Justin

Member 4-Paws Dog Works Training Club
Support Level Emergency Worker, Walla Walla County Search and Rescue K-9 Unit.
In loving memory of Gypsy, GSD

Brook Brown

The experts at Barer Pet Behavior are amazing! They helped us many times with our cat, who had become stressed by a new pet and was peeing outside the litter pan. We were at our wit's end. (…) They had so many good ideas, that saved us!
They also consulted us on Dexter's weight. Dawn and Steve are so patient and wise. I highly recommend them for any behavior concerns.
Brook Brown, Seattle, WA